Will the other candidates call out Hillary?

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    What she said is beyond disgraceful. I’ll be interested to see who’s willing to step up and call her out on her outlandish accusations. This should be an easy call for the other candidates to make if they have any honor.

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    I’ll be pleasantly surprised if any of them come to Tulsi’s defense.

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    I am waiting to see who defends Gabbard, and calls out Clinton for 100% unacceptable behavior.  There is no justification for what   she said—none.  It will be  telling to  see who speaks up and who remains silent.

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    I agree with @birdsong on this – it would be a pleasant surprise. It may be more likely we will see them pile on Tulsi, or “strongly condemn” her reply.

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    Ohio Barbarian
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    I expect Bernie to remain silent. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong and defend Tulsi; he’s got the guts and integrity to do so. I would be shocked if he piles on. I don’t see that happening.

    Hmmm…maybe Yang will take a swipe at Hillary. He’s definitely got nothing to lose.

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    I’m starting to wonder whether Lady Klynton Kissinger-Sachs isn’t taking a page from Il Cheeto’s playbook and attempting to suck some of the oxygen out of Bernie’s big event on Saturday.

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      Timing is right for this theory to have traction…

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    Of course, you now how they’re defending her “over there.” (1) Hillary never mentioned Tulsi by name, so what’s the problem? (2) Tulsi is definitely a Russian election disruptor, so it’s true, so what’s the problem?

    The obvious problem, of course, is that Hillary Clinton says anything to excuse Her loss in 2016, and her mindless defenders back Her all the way. If She said lizard people from Venus hypnotized voters in Michigan and Wisconsin, it would be blessed as Real Wisdom. For a supposedly respected politician to suggest, even hint, that one of the candidates is a Russian plant is simply batshit crazy. Every time She does this kind of thing, I feel less regret that She lost to Donald Trump.

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    What Hillary said was wrong. Even if Tulsi decides to run as an Independent, what’s with the Russian connection.

    I think Hillary is looking for headlines as she and Chelsea are trying to sell their new book. But this is shameful what she did.

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    Babel 17
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    Warren and Biden are tied to Clinton, so those serious about moving in on them can make them squirm by defending Gabbard.



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