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    Will Turkish anger at Europe help or hinder Erdogan's yes campaign?

    Politicians try to extract political gain from treatment of Turkish ministers

    ISTANBUL, Turkey –  Restaurant owner Iclal Kaplan and her husband watched with anger at how Dutch authorities treated fellow Turks this week.

    Scenes of riot police in Rotterdam using dogs attacking protesters who were demonstrating against Turkish ministers being banned from the Netherlands filled them with horror. So the Kaplans decided to rename Amsterdam, the restaurant they have owned in the Anatolian city of Aksaray for 20 years.


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    1. RCI welcomed more than 170 new resorts in 2016

    Turkey became a very bad place for vacation. For many years I was a frequent visitor at its resorts, but the last trip was awful. I had an all-inclusive service but no one came to the airport to meet me. OK, I’ve tried taxi and the driver asked for a $300 to take me to my hotel. That’s a robbery! With some other fellow tourists in trouble we took a bus and paid the driver $100 each to get to the hotel. That wasn’t the end of our troubles. In the hotel – no room cleaning, awful food, unfriendly personnel. They were calling the Germans and other European tourists the dogs who already gave their money to the hotel, so there is no need to provide us with what we paid for. And as far as I know that occurs across Turkey. Resorts in Turkey do not mean quality.