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  • GreedKills (466 posts)
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    Will Wikileaks continue

    with the emails or are they all out now???

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  • RealityCheck (705 posts)
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    1. I'd say they're out of the news ……….

    concerning Billary, Inc. However, if investigations are poised to move forward on Billary, Inc ….. then look for WikiLeaks info to be used during hearings and any court room cases vs Billary, Inc.

    • TheNutcracker (1470 posts)
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      2. they just dropped another boatload today!

  • The Crone (3076 posts)
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    3. Has anyone else noticed that Wikileaks' releases

    After Oct 20th 2016 seem rather embarrassingly bogus as compared to those that came earlier?

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