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  • Haikugal (7109 posts)
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    William Pitt

    Why I Hate Michael Wolff’s New Trump Book

    Along with a significant segment of the planet, I downloaded Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Michael Wolff’s ubiquitous new tell-all book, the first morning it was available. I expected to love it, for no other reason than its very existence motivated Trump into a paroxysm of cease-and-desist threats and looming defamation suits. How is that not fun all by itself?

    I plowed through it, highlighting passages like a college kid working a thesis … then it was over, and there I was, just absolutely hating it. I felt dull, dirty and mean in its wake. It was as if the slime contained in the pages had slithered under my fingernails and into my bloodstream. I felt polluted. I felt like lice. I felt like the president of the United States.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine read in the main. While Wolff’s reporting in the book has taken a number of justified hits for being sloppy with the details, the essence of what he describes has been confirmed time and again by other reporters pursuing other stories. Since the very first day of this administration, Donald Trump and his people have approached their duties like kids dropping bricks off a highway overpass, and that sort of behavior leaves a very visible mark.


    Not only did a candidate for president have no grasp of the country’s founding documents, according to the book, he didn’t care to know. Indeed, aggressive ignorance has been Trump’s battle cry since he came down that fateful escalator like a blood sausage on a conveyor belt. Wolff’s anecdotes paint a picture we can already see. It’s not confirmation bias when it’s already been confirmed a thousand different <snip>


    I thought some here might enjoy reading this.


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  • 3FingerBrown (636 posts)
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    1. America is a pretty depressing place right now.

    Now is the time when we need our friends more than ever.

    • Major Hogwash (3495 posts)
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      13. We've become a shithole country with a shitheel for Prez.

      Car thief assholes like Issa in the House, and freakazoid turtlemen like McConnell in the Senate. Sheeesh, no wonder no one with a brain wants to become a politician!

      Trump moya marionetka ~ Putin  
  • incognito (2096 posts)
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    2. Love Will Pitt

    It sounds like the book just confirms everything we all knew about Donald…he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer and he doesn’t care that he’s as dumb as a box of rocks. I agree with William… it’s depressing as hell to know there are people in this country who would vote for him again…just because he’s as ignorant as they are. It’s cool to be stupid.


    This is how it is, and due respect to the author, anyone who has been paying attention didn’t learn much of anything new from Wolff’s book. The stories I’d never heard before were only depressing, not revelatory. Take the scene where campaign aide Sam Nunberg was tasked early on to explain the Constitution and Bill of Rights to candidate Trump, who had little understanding of either. The way Wolff tells it, Trump was rolling his eyes and bored by the time they got to the Fourth Amendment.

    Not only did a candidate for president have no grasp of the country’s founding documents, according to the book, he didn’t care to know. Indeed, aggressive ignorance has been Trump’s battle cry since he came down that fateful escalator like a blood sausage on a conveyor belt. Wolff’s anecdotes paint a picture we can already see. It’s not confirmation bias when it’s already been confirmed a thousand different ways.<snip>

    Thanks for posting this! :hi:


  • leveymg (4271 posts)
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    3. I hate the very subject of Trump. The details are like inspecting fresh feces

    with a magnifying glass and no face mask to determine diet and intestinal parasites.  Can only be described as grim work getting through such a book.

  • Ohio Barbarian (7813 posts)
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    4. I thought you were talking about the British Prime Minister William Pitt.

    Silly me, but he was one smart bastard. Very unlike The Donald.

    Ignorance is the foundation of tyranny.   
  • Abakan (3058 posts)
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    5. Thanks…

    I love William Pitt.

    I am trying to read this book, but except for the salacious bits I find it

    works as a great sleep aid.


  • nevereVereven (4262 posts)
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    6. Will Pitt is almost an automatic rec for me. Recommended

    A hologram of a magnifying glass will also function as a magnifying glass, but a hologram of Sherlock Holmes won't solve anything.  
    • whispers (1538 posts)
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      7. a blood sausage on a conveyor belt

      How awesomely descriptive!!

      "There is no god higher than truth."  Gandhi
      • nevereVereven (4262 posts)
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        8. Yes, he's always had a gift for words.

        Some of my favorite memories of SV are the times he got online while drunk- the height of his power and the least of his judgement, that was something awesome to witness, Itellyouwhut!

        A hologram of a magnifying glass will also function as a magnifying glass, but a hologram of Sherlock Holmes won't solve anything.  
        • whispers (1538 posts)
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          9. I used to read him a lot, but I don't remember where.

          Is he Truth out? How silly of me to forget as it is right above.

          "There is no god higher than truth."  Gandhi
  • TRex (4056 posts)
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    10. Now there is someone that calls out the ratfuckers when he sees them.

    Kids on their first day at President Camp!

    School em Spock!

    Oh sweety, no just no, when I or those of us here talk about the ultra rich - it is NOT you! Not you by a longshot, oh my God did you think...no way you actually thought we meant you? Lord, this country is full of rich stupid people and you seem to be one of the worst. No sweety, you are just a low paid pawn to those ultra rich we talk about. They are wrecking the world, you are an enabler and I understand not being able to sleep at night. I wouldn't either, selling out our future. You have kids right?  
  • tonyl (1047 posts)
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    11. I have always enjoyed reading this William Pitt's writings ..

    and, I must confess, every time I encounter the name Pitt, I think of his illustrious (and also less than illustrious) forbears .. perhaps the current incarnation is making up for the one time possessor of the Pitt Diamond, whilst adding to the honour associated with both the Elder and the Younger.

    I also think that the Younger is (in my mind) forever associated with Wilberforce who’s efforts to outlaw slavery are a significant milestone in the civilization of the human race.

    Anyway .. I like William Pitt’s writings, long may he continue.

    Because you cant have integrity occasionally
  • Marym625 (29211 posts)
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    12. Thank you!

    Take Action #StopFCC https://www.battleforthenet.com/breaktheinternet/ "Once the decision was made to go into Iraq as an invader and occupier,  it’s like our nation lost its conscience. And it has not yet gotten that conscience back." Madfloridian  
  • MisterTwister (250 posts)
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    14. WRPitt is a treasure. I've been a fan

    ever since he wrote the essay “I Hate Liberals,” a condemnation of the holier-than-thou thought-police decadence that passes for left ideas these days.  Here it is, copy and pasted in its entirety so you don’t have to go to Skinner™ to read it.

    It’s funny.

    Find me a liberal cause and I’m probably behind it.

    Save Social Security? I’m there.

    Save ANWR? I’m with you.

    Equal rights across the board for tax-paying freedom-loving American citizens who happen to be gay and want to get married just like every other tax-paying freedom-loving American citizen gets to do without a second thought from anyone? I’m there.

    Find me a liberal policy initiative and I’m probably behind it. Health care is a right easily attained by each and every single American once health care no longer exists as a for-profit business? Yo.

    The military and their sucker-fish defense contractors don’t need eight billion gazillion dollars for a missile shield in space that can stop exactly no rogue airplanes in metropolitan airspace while millions go hungry all across the land? Yup.

    Public schools need billions of dollars to stop the wretched fact that millions of children gratduate without knowing what the Supreme Court does for a living, to stop the push towards teaching our kids that creationism is the only truth, to stop the creation of stupid people as a matter of policy, said policy holding that stupid people make obedient consumers and compliant workers? Indeed.

    Find me a cause, a policy initiative, a white paper, an idea, a belief, a theory or a protest that stems from the liberal philosophy. Chances are huge I’m on your side.

    But man. Man o man. I hate liberals.

    I agree with so much of what other liberals believe. All day, every day. But it seems like all I do is fight with liberals. I can’t have a mildly divergent opinion on a matter of import without being called a Republican, or a Freeper, or a sellout, or a whore. If I’m a Christian, I empower the fundamentalist Right. If I’m an atheist, I’m bashing, period.

    Two examples of this happened tonight, though I could give 200 examples if I felt like writing all night. These two will do. Example One: I was honored tonight to introduce Dahr Jamail at a talk in Boston. Jamail, if you don’t know, got sick of the corporate news coverage of Iraq and went there himself. He got into Fallujah and let the world know what happened there. He is an amazing human being.

    They gave me 15 minutes to say my thing and then introduce him. In my wee speech, I dared to forge beyond the self-righteous boundaries of ‘Out Now!’ to suggest the bare outlines of a plan on how to get out as soon as possible.

    I used Howard Dean as a foil; he recently said we have to stay there, voicing the well-reasoned but argument-I-disagree-with ‘Pottery Barn’ argument. I think we can get out, we have to get out, but some kind of coherent plan/timeline is needed, because ‘Out Now!’ makes a good slogan but slogans don’t make coherent policy.

    I called Dean a hero before I went into this, because he is, but this is more to do with example two, to follow. The point for now is that I called him a hero before I said I disagreed with him. We need to get out of Iraq, I said. As soon as possible.

    About halfway through my bare outline – somewhere between getting the Houston contractors out so Iraqis can actually work for pay and invigorate their economy, and get the UN and the Arab League to create a massive mostly-Arab force to take over security/police duty so the Americans can be cycled out en masse and sent home – I met the hecklers.

    They were both white, both around my mid-30s age, both with those white-and-black Palestilian militatnt scarves wrapped around their necks. One of them yelled “Shut up with your pro-war bullshit!” Another wadded up the program and threw it at me. They kept this up for a while. As this wasn’t my show, but Dahr Jamail’s show, I worked through the last two minutes of my introduction of him without starting a shouting match with these two. It galled, yes, but wasn’t appropriate to deal with it.

    Example number two happened when I went out to have a smoke. A nicely dressed suburban fellow followed me out, and proceeded to scold me. Don’t call people heroes, he said with index finger a-wavin’. I had called Dean a hero, you see. I had described the life and death of Marla Ruzicka in my speech, who went to Iraq to count the civilian dead and died there, and called her a hero. When I introduced Jamail, who went to the most dangerous place on earth so we could get the truth, I called him a hero.

    Don’t call people heroes, he said with index finger a-wavin’. It makes other people feel bad.

    Liberals complain. They go to meetings with other liberals and listen to speeches filled with facts they knew before they got there, and complain to the person sitting next to them who already knows what they know and is ready to rock and roll with their own complaining.

    All too often, liberals would rather complain and feel good about themselves than choke down the hard stones that sometimes have to be swallowed when seeking a solution that might actually work.

    Liberals like to fight. They get into a room, either real or electronic, and wind up in huge, epic arguments about this or that while skating past the fact that the person they are arguing with and insulting agrees with about 90% of what they agree with. They forget the old rule: If you find yourself screaming in rage at someone who agrees with 90% of what you agree with, you might just be a zealot and therefore no good to anyone but yourself.

    Conservatives used to be like liberals. They were out of power and fighting amongst themselves, the Birchers v. the Rockefellars v. the Nixonites v. the Reaganites v. the Fundamentalists v. the Internationalists. Somewhere along the line, they figured out how to quell all that, and whoosh! they were in power. I enjoy disliking conservatives and do not enjoy hating liberals, but since they both apparently share so many common characteristics these days, I am helpless before the tide.

    I hate liberals. They do not get along, they enjoy disagreement for the sake of disagreement all too often, they are so hard to meld into a coalition that no one has ever, ever, ever managed to meld them into an effective coalition for any significant period of time. Liberals are the reason liberals lose elections nowadays.

    I’m a liberal. I believe in the cause, the causes, the policy ideas. We ran the country for years once upon a time while winning World War II and salvaging the national economy by coming up with ways to help the helpless. Imagine it. The things we can do for the good of this country and the world positively boggle the mind.

    But I hate liberals, because they won’t let that happen. They make me absolutely crazy.

    • Eleanors38 (964 posts)
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      15. Yep. Sums it up nicely.