Wisconsin Supreme Court blocks Green Party presidential campaign from 2020 ballot

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      (WSWS) In a politically motivated and blatantly undemocratic ruling, the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Monday rejected a lawsuit by the Green Party requesting that its presidential and vice presidential candidates be added to the states’ ballot for the November elections.

      In the 4-3 unsigned decision, the court majority used the bogus claim that halting the distribution of absentee ballots and reprinting them to add the names of Howie Hawkins for president and Angela Walker for vice president would cause “confusion and undue damage” seven weeks ahead of Election Day.

      The real reason the Green Party candidates are being kept off the ballot, however, is Democratic Party fears that votes cast for Hawkins and Walker will reduce support for the Biden-Harris ticket and thereby strengthen Trump’s chances of winning the battleground state. Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin by less than 23,000 votes in 2016.

      Conservative Justice Brian Hagedorn joined with three Democrats in the decision, which stated that “for this court to order the printing and mailing of replacement ballots containing the petitioners’ names would create a substantial possibility of confusion among voters who had already received, and possibly returned, the original ballots.”

      Full sordid story here

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      for 4 more years of Trump.


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