With Another Win in South Carolina Primary, 'Medicare for All Is Four for Four'

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    As Common Dreams reported earlier this week, grassroots Medicare for All advocates in South Carolina squared off against a coalition of industry-backed groups and a massive ad blitz in the state as they made the case to voters for a more humane and cost-effective approach to healthcare.

    “One of the things that we’ve found as we’ve gone around in South Carolina and elsewhere, talking to working people of all sorts,” said one organizer with the effort, “is that people do understand that nobody loves their insurance company.”

    Members of the Sanders campaign took note of the primary trend thus far.

    “Opponents threw everything and the kitchen sink at medicare for all over the last year,” tweeted Mike Casca, Sanders’ communication director, “and yet…”

    “I still can’t get over how, after being endlessly attacked for over a year with Republican rhetoric on the news, in the debates, and with negative ads, Medicare for All is four for four,” declared Tyson Brody, a researcher working for the Sanders campaign, on Twitter.

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    How Biden decisively winning is a “victory” for MFA is delusional.

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