With nothing left to do but plunder, Biden administration embraces loyalty over competence… just like Trump

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      RT op-ed at https://on.rt.com/axfg :

      The incoming Biden administration has made it clear loyalty is the only requirement for an appointment, stuffing the cabinet with a pack of dependable yet talentless names whose only selling point is their obedience to power.

      Why, for example, is former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who held multiple foreign policy roles in that administration, being named as head of the White House Domestic Policy Council despite having zero experience in the domestic policy arena? She was reportedly passed over for both vice president and secretary of state – which, given her record, may have saved the US from entering another unwinnable war or two – but other than loyalty to the Obama team, it’s hard to see what qualifies her for any stateside policy role.

      In a country still wrestling with the Covid-19 pandemic, one wonders how the Biden campaign can justify appointing California Attorney General Xavier Becerra – a man with no expertise in medical matters – as head of the Department of Health and Human Services. The bar for “medical expert” has been disastrously lowered with the enthusiastic tongue-baths given to Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates by the media establishment, but Gates is paying his worshipers handsomely – Becerra’s sole credential seems to be his performative courtroom “resistance” to the Trump administration, whose own HHS director hails from one of the most corrupt pharmaceutical firms in the US.

      Biden’s administration is mired in such question marks. The selection of Denis McDonough as head of Veterans Affairs – a man who spent four years as Obama’s chief of staff but has never served in the military or done any work with veterans – similarly makes no sense if viewed from the traditional standpoint of prioritizing experience and relevant skill-sets in hiring decisions. But the manner in which the president-elect’s campaign has doled out cabinet appointments resembles less a traditional hiring process and more a blindfolded, sadistic game of “pin the fail on the donkey.”

      It’s a good read, but longer than fair use permits, showing that only the names have changed, but not the expectation of competence.

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      ..What does Buttigieg know about transportation for example??


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      Only the salary and status matter, not appropriateness.

      “As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.” Barbara Lee
      “Politicians and pro athletes: The only people who still get paid when they lose.” William Rivers Pitt

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      It looks to me like the Democratic Party is gearing up to go all out on plundering and warring, and they have the experience and the personnel to do that, to grease everything right through Congress and slide up to Biden’s desk, to be signed with a flourish. Whether it is a Democratic Party bill or a GOP bill – there are so very many blue dogs now I can hear them yapping excitedly all the way down here in Florida.    Biden’s cabinet picks are horrendous, and I don’t think there will be much left of us if we get to 2024, really.  Perhaps Biden knows that, and the Democratic Party is speeding up their timetable.  With Biden and his neocon neoliberal coterie, we cannot even count on gridlock.  IMO.  And, again, we were fucked however this faux election played out.  The Democratic Party, IMO, is actually sneering and laughing about that.

      America is not a country, it's just a business. (Brad Pitt, Killing Them Softly)

      Everything I post is just my opinion, and, honestly, I would love to be wrong.

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