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    Woman pays for Girl Scout Cookies using fake $100 bill, flees with $80 change in

    By Kevin Cole / World-Herald staff writer Feb 24, 2017 Updated 6 hrs ago

    A woman who used a counterfeit $100 bill to purchase Girl Scout Cookies is being sought by Omaha police.
    Roni Gosch said she was helping her mother’s Field Club-based troop sell cookies Wednesday afternoon outside the Walmart at 128th and L Streets. A woman approached and said she wanted to buy five of the $4 boxes of cookies but had only a $100 bill.
    Gosch, who works as a waitress, produced $80 from tips she had made that day so the Girl Scouts’ stand wouldn’t run out of change.

    “At least the troop isn’t out the $80, but it’s getting kind of rough out there,” said Gosch, 23. “Last year, we had a couple of counterfeit bills, so we got those money-checker pens. We were in such a hurry to set up (Wednesday) that we forgot the pens.”

    FULL story: http://www.omaha.com/news/crime/woman-pays-for-girl-scout-cookies-using-fake-bill-flees/article_968e37d8-f9f7-11e6-9977-5f2e09fb330b.html

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    1. I'd like to think the woman who gave the c-note didn't know it was fake.

    On the other hand, I’d like to think I was 25 years old, intelligent, rich and handsome.  

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    2. sad story

    I am gluten free so never stop at the girl scout cookie stands.  But I smile as I go past.  They are making an honest effort out there.  I hate to see anyone ripped off the way.  Waitresses work hard for their tips.  I suspect the woman knew exactly what she was doing and it makes me sad.

    Invest in people.  Seek TRUTH.
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    3. It really takes a lowlife to rip off kids.

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    4. It's time for the Girl Scouts to find another way…

    ..to raise money. There are just too many problems with the program. The product gets smaller and smaller while the price goes up and up.  The girls are dealing with strangers and large sums of money. This is not a good combination.

    Life's too short to vote for immoral warmongers.
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    5. We'll, the Scouts are getting life experience

    I hope it doesn’t make them too cynical.

    Hi Steve!

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