Women murdered while traveling

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      I know:  that’s a long list.  And we only hear about the “high profile” murders.

      In December:

      Carla Stafaniak murdered in Costa Rica.

      Gracie Millane murdered in New Zealand.

      Two Scandinavian women murdered – one beheaded – while hiking in Morocco.  Their parents made a point of saying that they “took every safety precaution”. (Three Marrakesh men caught thanks to video and other evidence. Reportedly the men decided to stalk them up into the mountains.)

      As a parent with a travel-loving daughter headed to Morocco next September, all I can say is how disgusted I am that women are hunted and murdered like wild animals.

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      Then I continued on my way to Egypt,  Thailand  other parts of South East Asia and into China for a month before returning home. The only problem I had was men staring at me while traveling in Egypt. Kind of creepy. I wore baggy clothes and tried not to stand out.  I’ve been to parts of Mexico, Costa Rica and Guatemala in the 90s. I guess I was lucky. It was quite fun. I was in my 40s at the time. My niece and her husband have done some traveling in the past and no problem that I know about. In fact I found the rest of the world does a lot of traveling. I met of course many Europeans, Australians, women from Hong Kong and a woman from Mexico. I always recommend people travel if they can. I used guide books mostly.

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