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  • BlueAK (1917 posts)

    Women's March in Gustavus, Alaska,

    population 400, with approximately 100 participants…   I’m sure George Soros is back there somewhere.  (I kid, I kid…)   130 marchers in Valdez and approximately 100 in Bethel, Alaska, at 23 below zero.



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  • Scuba (5181 posts)

    1. Love it! Thanks.

  • NJCher (3490 posts)

    2. Very impressive

    turn out for that small of a town.


  • NV Wino (9211 posts)

    3. Awesome!

      “As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.” Barbara Lee  
  • Rider (1974 posts)

    4. Amazing! The Chicago rally was a fun crowd. Got too big to march

    So it turned into a rally instead.

    Hope these crowds spark ever more direct action.


    If not now, when?