WSWS editorial: The resignation of General Mattis and America’s crisis of class rule

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      This, IMHO, is one of the Trotskyites’ better opinion pieces. I have way more than four favorite paragraphs, but here’s four.

      Thursday’s resignation of US Defense Secretary James Mattis has provoked a reaction of panic and near hysteria from leading members of both major political parties, the media and former top military and intelligence officials.


      But to the extent that there is a discernable and persistent theme in Trump’s foreign policy, it is the reassertion of the traditional “America First” orientation of segments of the American ruling class who believe that the main priority of US foreign policy must be the domination of the Asia Pacific region, which is considered essential to the preservation of its hegemonic position. Second, it views the network of alliances – especially those which bind the United States to Europe – as imposing unacceptable restraints on American policies and, it must be added, its financial and commercial interests.

      Trump approaches US foreign policy on an entirely transactional basis. He sees the military interventions in Syria and Afghanistan as ineffective from a cost-benefit standpoint. But he is fully prepared to employ the US war machine in prosecuting his trade war policies against China, with the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait the most likely arenas for the eruption of a major new war.


      That Trump and his fascistic anti-immigrant advisor Stephen Miller—who appeared on CNN cynically denouncing US wars involving “generation after generation, spilling American blood”—are able to posture as antiwar to win support for their reactionary, anti-working class agenda is thanks to the absence of a mass antiwar movement.

      Link to editorial

      I cannot over-emphasize the importance of that last observation, and I see a great opportunity for Bernie Sanders and other progressives to win more support. We progressives have to be the antiwar movement. Bernie has taken some big steps in that direction, by pushing a War Powers Act Resolution through the Senate and now by calling for a legitimate debate on what American policy towards Israel should be.

      The antiwar political football has been fumbled and is just lying on the field. Bernie should pick it up and run with it towards that November 2020 goal line. Political glory awaits.

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      Highly recommended!

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      Mattis’ resignation comes amid news that President Donald Trump has directed the drawdown of 2,000 U.S. forces in Syria, and 7,000 U.S. forces from Afghanistan, a U.S. official confirmed to Military Times, a story first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

      This month, in the January/February print issue of the gun and hunting magazine “Recoil,” the former contractor security firm Blackwater USA published a full-page ad, in all black with a simple message: “We are coming.”

      Is the war in Afghanistan — and possibly elsewhere ― about to be privatized?

      If Blackwater returns, it would be the return of a private security contractor that was banned from Iraq, but re-branded and never really went away. By 2016 Blackwater had been re-named and restructured several times, and was known at the time as Constellis Group, when it was purchased by the Apollo Holdings Group. Reuters reported earlier this year that Apollo had put Constellis up for sale, but in June the sale was put on hold.

      link to the Military Times piece

      There are other “private security contractors” in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other places of hostilities.

      Other articles over the years have pointed this out stating US withdraws are a deception.

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