Xavier Becerra Supports ‘Medicare for All,’ as HHS Secretary He Would Have an Opportunity

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      Which types of waivers get approval often depends on the policy preferences of the administration and the Health and Human Services secretary. The Trump administration has typically approved waivers that tighten eligibility for public health programs, such as those requiring Medicaid recipients to work to receive health coverage.

      The waivers approved by Mr. Becerra as part of the Biden administration would most likely be different, and could reflect his long track record of supporting single-payer health care. He endorsed the idea as a first-term congressman in 1994 and sponsored Medicare for all legislation four times during his 12 terms in Congress. In 2017, he reiterated that he “absolutely” supports a policy that would move all Americans to one government-run health plan.

      “He’s been on the record as a supporter from his time in the House,” said Representative Ro Khanna, a California Democrat and a prominent advocate of Medicare for all. “He was sponsoring this at a time when it was not very popular to support it.”

      “Waivers are discretionary for the secretary,” said Patricia Boozang, a senior managing director at the consulting firm Manatt Health. “There’s a lot of innovative ideas that states have around expanding coverage and making it more affordable.”

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      Biden said he would veto it if it somehow got to his desk.  This is all Obama-style hopey-changey crap.  But we shall see.

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      He will just do what the Blue MAGA administration tells him to do, and like it.

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