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    \I can’t claim that XR’s Oct 7 – on direct action events were perfectly executed..I can claim that from my observation, the undertaking seemed to cover all the bases as well as promote the awareness that was sought. and as such serves as a model for further activism….Unfortunately, I doubt that it will be enough to change the inertia.  With the above caveats in mind, here is a summary of their planning principles.


    Under occupation by climate activists Extinction Rebellion, London’s Trafalgar Square has become a miniature city, housing hundreds of campers and visited by thousands of demonstrators daily. It’s running fairly smoothly, with well-defined volunteer roles, spaces for different activities, and specific communication channels. This efficiency isn’t an accident. It’s the product of thoughtful yet nimble decision-making powered by dedicated volunteers. “It’s not spontaneous, magical popping up,” says Jasmine Salter, who works with the Action Support Group of Extinction Rebellion. “It’s huge amounts of people putting cute in huge amounts of time, really, really caring.”

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    Hi Passionate Progressive,

    Yep – Rome was not built in a day – and likewise – the Global Company Store (aka capitalism) will not be destroyed in a night.


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    Rather than truth as the authority."
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