Yellowstone Volcano's Biggest Ever Super-Eruption Discovered

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      The biggest super-eruption ever to be recorded at Yellowstone volcano has been discovered by scientists, finding an event that took place 8.7 million years ago covered an area the size of New Jersey with searing hot volcanic glass.

      The eruption, which researchers have called the Grey’s Landing super-eruption, was around 30 percent larger than the previous record holder. Material from the eruption covered an area of around 8,800 square miles—an area around the size of New Jersey—making it “the largest and hottest documented eruption from the Yellowstone hotspot,” scientists wrote in the journal Geology. The eruption took place in what is now modern-day southern Idaho.

      The Grey’s Landing super-eruption is one of two newly identified eruptions at the Snake-River–Yellowstone volcanic province. The other, the McMullen Creek eruption, took place around nine million years ago and was larger than the last two major eruptions at Yellowstone. It covered an area of over 4,600 square miles.

      A team of researchers led by Thomas Knott, a volcanologist at the United Kingdom’s University of Leicester, were examining volcanic deposits previously thought to have been produced during multiple, smaller eruptions. By combining different techniques to analyze the rocks, including mineral chemistry, paleomagnetic data and field characterizations, they discovered that the deposits belonged to “colossal colossal sheets of volcanic material from two previously unknown super-eruptions,” Knott said in a statement.


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      It’s in southeast Idaho, not far from Yellowstone, from lova flows over the past 15,000 years, most recently estimated at 2,000 years ago. It’s gorgeous and eerie, about 85 miles from Idaho Falls. Here are a couple of National Park Service photos.

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        That was further west and south at the time. Dog help us if we have a super eruption or rift eruption happen here in the NW.

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          I did have to look up Grey’s Landing, southwest Idaho not so far from Jackpot, Nevada.  It does make me wonder how the hotspot moves, rather like the hotspot under the Hawaiian Islands.

          And these days, while I don’t worry about it!, the Cascade volcanoes can be a concern.  Mt. Hood is active, with steam now & then, but the last eruption was in 1866 (yes, I looked 🙂 )

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        but the park was closed for some reason. On the same trip, I also tried to visit Glacier N.P., but it was also closed, but that was due to excessive snow.

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      Welp, I was wondering what July might bring – a super volcano sounds about right.


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