Yoshihide Suga to step down as Japan’s prime minister

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      BBC 9 hrs ago

      Mr Suga had been appointed to the role just a year ago following the resignation of Shinzo Abe.

      The shock announcement comes as Mr Suga’s approval ratings dropped to an all-time low.

      Japan – which is still under a state of emergency – is now grappling with its worst ever Covid wave.

      The country, which has now seen more than 1.5 million virus cases, has also seen a slow vaccination roll out.

      The decision to host the Olympics Games this year despite the worsening pandemic also proved to be hugely unpopular.


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      By all accounts, the Olympics were a disaster for Japan and very unpopular. The spread of the delta variant there, at least partially accelerated by the Olympics, didn’t help. Isn’t Yuga something of a neoliberal anyway?

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        He was supported chiefly by the Kishi/Abe faction. This is the largest faction in the LDP party. One report I read today, said that Taro Kono is the favored successor. I don’t know the date of the recent poll, but he’s ranked second after Shigeru Ishiba, by a small margin, who is also popular but has the smallest faction. Shigeru supports arming Japan with nukes. He’s said so publicly. Taro Kono is a hardliner also.

        Number three is Koizumi who is “charismatic,” but too young. I saw a report that he supports Taro Kono. Koizumi worked for the US think tank CSIS in the past. Number four is Abe. Abe’s brother Defense Minister Kishi, is regarded as too inexperienced. Didn’t see his name in the poll. The PM will be brokered. I regard all of them as right wing.

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