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      Jumped in on a ride to my Dr. this morning. Needed bloodwork and person was headed to their Dr so asked if wanted to go ( usually don’t go there but can get it there). In line notice this lady in line few spots ahead, going by my age say young, late 30’s to possible 40’s. Was dressed nice, look like she had some Id badge clipped on from a co., didn’t notice where, didn’t look, employee badge. Anyway could see ahead in line, looked like a mix up was going but they called me to through and went in did what needed. Found out the lady had got hit w/a $200 co pay. I got called back and was told after came back out, she wasn’t to happy. Had me thinking  back, before I got on current plan, was self employed but had a preexisting so only one carrier in area would take me and it with a lot of stipulations (things not covered) plus $6000 deductible plus high premium, expensive. Current plan now is Medicaid, ue to some unfore seen happenens but its nite and day in difference for the good but ya, $200 for co pay Dr visit.

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      My wife has an employer plan, and without getting into details, had something odd going on, so they ran a biopsy, (negative thank the stars!) but then the bill came. $300 copay. And get this, they really still want to do an ultrasound. That will cost us $300 more. She’s seriously considering skipping. We are not poor, (YET!), but $600 unplanned is still a lot of money.

      Is it any wonder that people avoid going to the doctor until they are deathly ill. And those that do get sick end up in bankruptcy even with insurance. Bottom line, evey thing about the system stinks, the cost, the care, the outcomes. Keep your employer sponsored health insurance, well I guess it’s better than nothing. 

      In America, “Liberty” means “Free to Die in Service of Capital” - Amfortas the hippie

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      I dont know just ramblin on here but seams like they been using this ,(people are saying they wanna keep there employer plan,) in health care fight or debate against m4all. I know my neighbor, married, him his wife are paying pretty notice numbers for there insurance. Not sure how his plan works with aca but he told me they are just over the limit, he’s not happy as they just had some issues both, wife more so but again not sure how bad. My thoughts would do it all in same for everybody and have hard time understanding why would keep employer plan, what if wanted to leave or he cuts work, u be out of job plus no insurance etc. Idk, haven’t worked too many employers in my life, have to back 30yrs. Insurance in my twenties at place worked seams like Penny’s compared now

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      I’ll trade my employer plan immediately for single payer.

      It’ll be cheaper and most important more accessible.

      My plan now is the worst it’s been and I’ve been at the same place a long time.  Every year it gets a bit worse with this current year being a big change towards shit.

      It's alright Ma, it's life and life only.

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      Yes, the “people want to keep their employer’s health plan” – a plan that the employer can change for the worse every fucking year.  What a farce.

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      “Keeping your employer health plan” is such a corporate red herring.

      People are so accustomed to being abused and so ignorant of the benefits of single payer that they have no context.

      Besides, change is always a little scary.

      Sure, I’m a slave, but I really like the roast pig dinner massa gives us once a year. I’d hate to lose that.

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