You Want To Know If Thirdway/Corporatists Are SMEARING Bernie Sanders Already?

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      “…You want to know if the corporatists are smearing Bernie already? Here are some of the 3rd Way board members: John Vogelstein, Chair, Jonathan Cowan, Pres, David Heller, Bernard Schwartz, William Daley, Robert Dyson, David Horvitz, Susan McCue, Rachel Pritzker, Derek Kirkland…”


      “…Is this actually happening? Third Way is running anti-Bernie ads before he announces as a candidate?…”






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      Yeah, say what you want about Dr. Dean backsliding into the DLC darkside in recent years. But in December 2003, he was the clear frontrunner for the 2004 nomination, and the DLC hated him! What’s more, they knew he could beat the Chimp. And then how the Hell was Hillary supposed to run for President in 2008??

      So how did they hit Dean? They compared him to Osama Bin Laden…. and remember, this is about 26 months after the 9/11 attacks, so the face of old Osama still provoked fear and anger in a lot of people.

      The guy who made that ad was DLC operative Robert Gibbs… who later became Barry Obama’s press secretary. So you might say he benefitted well from his slander. Wonder what kind of deals the makers of the current ads will ask their designated Turd Way candidates for?

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      the fix was in for that war (and the explosion of war in the middle east) from jump street is my feeling.

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      in all the early primary states!
      <h1>they are SCARED!</h1>

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