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      “The freshman class as an aggregate will have more power than the leadership,” says Rep. Ro Khanna, a California Democrat about to start his second term. “The balance of power is shifting in the House. Leadership doesn’t matter nearly as much. Ordinary members of Congress have a much bigger platform. The size of your Twitter following and the size of your external base makes a huge difference.”

      Of the 235-member Democratic House majority that will take power on Jan. 3, just over a quarter of the class – totalling 63 members – will be freshmen. And during the transition period, a handful of incoming members – self-described as the “squad” – have signaled their intentions to rock the boat.

      They not only look different than your father’s stodgy, old, whitebread Congress, they’re making moves both substantive and symbolic that break with protocol and tradition. And they aren’t doing it quietly.

      Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib, who at 42 years old is the first Palestinian-American woman elected to the House, raised eyebrows when she announced she would lead a delegation to her mother’s native West Bank rather than partake in the traditional freshman trip to Israel. She said she hoped to humanize the plight of Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied territory and show new members a part of the story that’s not been included in the usual voyage sponsored by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. She’s also a vocal supporter of the “BDS” movement, which advocates for boycotting, divesting and sanctioning Israel for its treatment of Palestinians.

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      I watched people swoon over Obama and – to my credit – thought the swooning was stupid.   For the past few months, I’ve been watching this year’s swooning over “these amazing young liberal women who are going to save America.”

      So far, they’ve made zero policy, helped no one, but been good at Twitter.  Hurrah!


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      I wish them luck and perseverance. The pasty old white guys (and gals) won’t give up easily.

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        Yes there will be more failings and disappointments than successes. Success to achieve progressive legislation takes a long, long time. (See history of Bernie Sanders). However, these women will not give up and they will not go away.

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      them.  And we will be told hey, in only 10 or 20 years the progressives will actually be in power, so keep voting for the blue no matter who.

      From James

      So far, they’ve made zero policy, helped no one, but been good at Twitter.  Hurrah!

      Interesting how folks make fun of Trump for using Twitter, but use Twitter followers for Democrats as a good thing.  Kudos to twitter!

      I will not be swooning over anything but accomplishments.

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