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Rules for (Jackpine) Radicals

It is our intention that JPR be an online family of sorts, and that our members be treated as family members. Clashes are inevitable – we won't always agree with one-another – but, in the end, we should tolerate and respect one-another, and pull together as best we can to gain our common goals.

Who is a member of the JPR family? Generally speaking, it's people who advocate for Progressive/Liberal/Left goals, and who have a commitment to JPR's other members as demonstrated by the quantity and quality of their posts here.

Fundamentally, the goal of Jackpine Radicals is to support the discussion of Progressive/Liberal/Left ideas and actions. Our baseline position is that members should be as free as possible to speak their minds, except when such activity tends to shut down discussion of Progressive/Liberal/Left topics. For example, a thread filled with posts like "Libs suck!" and "You moonbats all want handouts" is not conducive to our goal – it just makes good people want to run away. And we want good people to stay, hence we have rules against posting stuff like "Libs suck!", and doing other stuff that will make good people want to run away.

Our Rules

To support our goal, we've instituted rules, listed below; click on any of these rule for more details. You should take a few minutes to read through them - most are obvious, but there are a few subtleties.

(and when things don't work out: Enforcing our rules: actions we may take)

No personal attacks against other JPR members.
Attacking people instead of ideas leads to defensiveness and fighting rather than discussion and achievement, and turns discussion boards into @#$%. There are various ways to handle strong disagreements:

"You're an idiot" - this is clearly a personal attack, and is not allowed
"That's just stupid" - Slightly better, but still needlessly confrontational
"That's a bit silly, because..." - OK
"I disagree with you because..." - Best

Making a point without attacking is almost always the better way to go.

Now sometimes, people will do something clever like:

Poster 1: "I believe in X."

Poster 2: "People who believe in X are idiots."

This counts as a personal attack, of course.

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Advocate for Progressive/Liberal/Left goals
While we on the Left may disagree as to how to achieve our goals, there shouldn't be a whole lot of disagreement on what the goals are. If you generally advocate for the same goals that Republicans and Third-Way Democrats do (e.g., the freedom to work for poverty wages, the freedom for rich people to pay low taxes and generally do whatever the Hell they want), you're not a good fit for JPR and will distract from the important how discussions.

Since today's DNC and most elected Democrats apparently want Republican policies, "but the DNC and elected Democrats want that, too!" is not a good excuse. These entities have far more in common with the Right than with the Left. (And fixing that awful reality is what's brought many of us to JPR.)

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Advocate for Progressive/Liberal/Left candidates and elected officials
We want JPR to support all things that are Progressive/Liberal/Left. If you need to extoll the virtues of a right-winger, JPR is not your kind of place. Posts arguing the goodness of right-wing people and ideas are not welcome, nor are their purveyors.

Just because someone disagrees with you on the way forward, it doesn't make them an enemy of The People. We won't be having witch hunts of this sort:

On the other hand, we also don't want to be crawling with folks who've come to JPR with the primary goal of gaining votes for one of these Rightists.

So: while arguing the merits of Rightists is not OK, it is OK to discuss why voting for one is preferable to voting another way. (However, if the bulk of your posts are about voting for a candidate, we might begin to wonder about why you're here…)

Again: please show some respect for people who have the same goals, but disagree on the way forward.

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Don't advertise stuff that you have a commercial interest in
It's OK to pitch charitable organizations, or political candidates who champion Progressive/Liberal/Left goals. When it comes to commercial stuff, either goods or services, it's generally not OK to pitch something that you have a financial interest in.

The one exception here is creative endeavors - feel free to show off your music, art, photography, jewelry and so forth even if it brings in a few bucks.

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One account per person
Sometimes people create multiple accounts because it's fun to pretend they're somebody else. But, more often, they do it to recommend their own posts, circumvent being suspended, or for some other nefarious purpose. To keep things simple, we've decided to go with one person, one account - then we don't have to wonder why someone's doing it.

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No parody names for member accounts
It's unlikely that Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton , or K1llery Kl1nton will join this site. Please don't get people's hopes up by pretending to be a well-known person who you ain't. (This goes for taking the names of notable characters on other forums, too.)

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No facts that aren't facts
Don't post stuff that's objectively not true. A post that says 2+2=5 is clearly untrue. A post claiming that Martin Van Buren was a great President is not clearly untrue, it's an opinion, albeit one that's tough to defend.

For a more salient example, posting that SCHIP (which provided health insurance for millions of children) was Hillary Clinton's gift to the world would be an untruth posted as a fact. The truth is that senators Kennedy and Hatch drove SCHIP legislation, Hillary Clinton's only role might have been to convince her husband not to veto it, no matter what Clinton and her followers claim.

A corollary to this rule: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. If you post stuff that sounds like wild speculation, then it should be backed up with serious evidence from not-obviously-illegitimate news sources.

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No whining about other sites
As I write this, the vast bulk of JPR members are refugees from a site that became a
big disappointment. The folks who remain at that site like to fling poo at us.Don't respond in kind. We do not allow negative posts about other sites.
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No sharing of of members' personal info
If you know another poster's real name or address, etc. please don't post it. Also, please don't post the contents of private messages. They're called private because they're not public.

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No copyright violations
If you excerpt an article or a portion of any book or copyrighted material, you must:

  • Post only published material that does not explicitly state that permission must be granted to reprint
  • Post no more than 4 paragraphs or 1/4 of the article, which ever is shorter, unless you clearly have permission to post more. (You can always add your own comments to help get your point across.)
  • Always provide a link to the source article.

Do not post any unpublished material from another author without the author's written permission to do so

If you have permission to reprint an article in full, please go ahead and do so. Be sure to note in the post why you believe that you can do this, e.g., you have written permission from the author or owner of the copyrighted material, or the material has a license notice indicating that it may be freely published, etc.

If you are unsure about any of this, please feel free to contact an admin or moderator for help.

No linking to known hate sites.

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No broad-brush attacks on JPR and its members
We welcome constructive criticism on features, potential rule changes, etc. But things like "JPR is filled with haterz" or some such thing ain't that, and isn't welcome.

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No racism, sexism, etc.
We're not inclined to make a list of words that are automatically racist and sexist, but most of us will probably agree on what they are. Notable exceptions are vulgar slang referring to genitalia, and to doggie gender. For some reason, our members as a whole are OK with those being used, so we'll go with the flow. (Whereas on some other sites, using these words is an infinitely-worse offense than helping to start murderous wars for no good reason - aren't you glad to be on a site that's sane, albeit foul-mouthed?)

No hate speech. Try not to win the Godwin rule award.

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No reveling in, or urging of, the non-political injury or suffering of others
Upon the death of a person who's caused great damage to our world, many feel an urge to cheer their demise, to hope they suffered horribly, to hope their family suffers, and so forth. This is not a great urge.

Just as flesh-eating bacteria eat flesh because that's what they're programmed to do, each of us does what we're programmed to do, more-or-less. Some people are defective units, who have a warped sense of right and wrong; these people do what they do because that's what they do. These folks should be kept far away from the levers of power - in some cases they should be kept entirely apart from society - but hating them or reveling in their personal misery won't help.

When Dick Cheney breathes his last breath, all are welcome to celebrate the fact that he cannot harm more people - but all are unwelcome to celebrate his suffering, his potential new home in the afterlife, the suffering of his family, and so forth. Likewise, JPR is not a place for reveling in the non-political misery of anyone. Let's hate actions, not people.

A related but obvious issue involves the wishing of personal harm upon others, whether it's other members, famous folks, or anyone else. Don't. Not allowed here.

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Stay On Topic
If you really must wax poetic about Montaigne, discuss your favorite gazpacho recipe, or talk about what cute thing your cat is doing today, please take it on over to our Chit Chat forum. Try to keep the discussion related to the original poster's topic. Derailed conversations may be deleted by a moderator, especially since this is a well-known tactic to disrupt forums.


You own what you write. And so do we.
To keep everything sane and convenient, when you publish something on JPR, you grant us the right to use it however we want, forever, at no cost. This way, we don't have to deal with lawyers in the future, say, if we make a podcast of JPR's best posts. (Which we don't intend to do, but who knows what the future will bring!)

However, you also can use what you publish at JPR, in any way that you want, forever, at no cost. When you write that bestseller about how you escaped from the JPR brainwashing machine, you can use your posts as evidence without worrying about Manny showing up at your door, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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Enforcing our rules: actions we may take
The first and best way to enforce the rules is when members themselves observe them. But sometimes this doesn't quite work, so there are also various actions that can be taken by JPR's overlords to keep things running smoothly.In the event that rules are broken, we can do stuff to unbreak the rules and/or to prevent them from being broken in the future. These actions include:

  • Locking original posts (a.k.a. OPs, or topics).
  • Editing posts (the only time this will happen is when paragraphs are cut for copied material that violates the four-paragraph rule).
  • Removing posts, either OPs or responses. In some instances, a warning will be issued first to give the poster some time to fix it themselves.
  • Warnings to members.
  • Suspensions.
  • Banning.
  • Manny showing up at your door, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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That's it, for now. These rules and actions will likely be updated over time to make them clearer, and we'll notify everyone whenever that happens.

Questions? Put 'em up on the "Help & Q&A" forum, or send a private message to an admin or moderator.