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    • Canada

      This is a group to post and discuss topics specific to Canada. Everyone is welcome here, Canucks are a friendly bunch.

    • alcina

      6 months ago
    • Creative Speculation

      This group (and its subgroups) are for issues that: 1. are highly-charged, and 2. there are two or more sides to the story, and all sides will not likely come to agreement in the near future Basically, if you're posting on JPR about any topic that has a subgroup here, that post should go here, unless it's legitimately Latest Breaking News. The main difference between these groups and other groups/forums, is that we're waiving the rule that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. You can quote some guy on a blog as proof, and it'll be up to your fellow JPR netizens to accept it or push back. Also, posts in this group may not go to JPR's homepage. One rule that definitely does apply is to not accuse people, particularly non-public figures, of serious crimes unless there is some seriously-good evidence. E.G., if you need to accuse someone of molesting children because of the combination of "code words" they used in an email, we'll all be happier if you do that somewhere else, JPR's management as a whole takes no position on any issue here, although some of us may wade in representing only ourselves. That does not mean that you can use doctored photos, print or video. Any intentional use of fabrication will be removed and the poster may be banned. No Pizzagate. Take it elsewhere. All other rules at JackpineRadicals apply. Most importantly, no personal attacks and no hate sites

    • lownslow

      1 month ago
    • Jackpine Elders

      A place for Seniors to share information relevant to those who fit into this category or have friends and family who might benefit from our information and conversation.

    • Zopilote

      4 months ago