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    • Freshness
    • Canada

      This is a group to post and discuss topics specific to Canada. Everyone is welcome here, Canucks are a friendly bunch.

    • Topics: 63
      Posts: 151
    • Joe Shlabotnik

      1 month ago
    • Creative Speculation

      This group (and its subgroups) are for issues that: 1. are highly-charged, and 2. there are two or more sides to the story, and all sides will not likely come to agreement in the near future Basically, if you're posting on JPR about any topic that has a subgroup here, that post should go here, unless it's legitimately Latest Breaking News. The main difference between these groups and other groups/forums, is that we're waiving the rule that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. You can quote some guy on a blog as proof, and it'll be up to your fellow JPR netizens to accept it or push back. Also, posts in this group may not go to JPR's homepage. One rule that definitely does apply is to not accuse people, particularly non-public figures, of serious crimes unless there is some seriously-good evidence. E.G., if you need to accuse someone of molesting children because of the combination of "code words" they used in an email, we'll all be happier if you do that somewhere else, JPR's management as a whole takes no position on any issue here, although some of us may wade in representing only ourselves. That does not mean that you can use doctored photos, print or video. Any intentional use of fabrication will be removed and the poster may be banned. No Pizzagate. Take it elsewhere. All other rules at JackpineRadicals apply. Most importantly, no personal attacks and no hate sites

    • Topics: 125
      Posts: 562
    • kelly

      9 months ago
    • Jackpine Elders

      A place for Seniors to share information relevant to those who fit into this category or have friends and family who might benefit from our information and conversation.

    • Topics: 23
      Posts: 86
    • Jan Boehmerman

      2 years ago
    • Lone Nerd History

      Created for the discussion of history – mostly English history until the Glorious Revolution and all with (or without) a Samuel Pepys obsession.

    • Topics: 9
      Posts: 21
    • soryang

      1 month ago
    • Religious Groups
      • Atheist/Humanist/Non-Religious
        This group is a place that provides opportunities for people of all faiths, spiritual leanings and non-belief to discuss religious topics and events in a positive and civil manner, with an emphasis on tolerance. Criticisms of individual beliefs or non-belief, or debates about the existence of higher power(s) are are allowed, but must be identified as such in the title. JPR rules still apply for this group.
    • Topics: 209
      Posts: 670
    • Haikugal

      2 months ago
    • Music Groups
      • Classical Music
        From the Baroque of the 17th & 18th centuries to the neo-classical of today, come share your favorite composers, performers, and performances as we explore western classical music in all of its wonder!
      • Country Music
        From Austin to Nashville, from Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys to Patsy Cline, from Johnny Cash to Loretta Lynn, come explore the joys and sorrows of American country music.
      • Electronic Music
        From Jarre & Tangerine Dream in the 1970’s to Psy Goa Trance and New Age Ambient today, come explore the sounds and experiences of analog and digital synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines.
      • Hip Hop and R&B
        From Motown to Compton, from Marvin Gaye to Public Enemy, come explore the music and culture of the African American experience that is now an integral part of our shared American culture.
      • International Music
        This is a place for international music. Songs need not be in English. Post any international music you like and wish to share.
      • Jazz Music
        From ragtime to big band swing, from Be-bop to fusion, come explore and share the joys of all things jazz!
      • Musical Instruments
        Guitars, Drums, Piano, etc... If it's a musical instrument, this group is the place.
      • Punk & Metal Music
        From the Ramones & the Sex Pistols to Joy Division & the Offspring, from Black Sabbath & Mötley Crüe to Ghost & Rhapsody of Fire, come explore the edgier, hardcore, and more rebellious sides music. Nothing is too extreme or anarchistic to be posted in this group.
      • Rock & Roll-ish
        Let's not get pedantic here about what Rock & Roll means. If you think if fits, it fits.
      • Smorgasbord
        A music forum for the good music that doesn't quite fit into the major categories set up.
      • The Totally Random Evening Full Album Listening Group
        or..Cassette, 8 track, Disc, mp3, whatever…just as long as it is a full set. I will post the first one and the next member chooses next and so on…and sure we can do more than one! Just do not let it interrupt your activism! Let the music appreciation and chaos ensue.
      • Traditional Music
        All things related to Old Timey, Scottish, Irish, Quebecois, Cajun, Delta Blues, Hillbilly Rags other all other forms of Traditional Music.
    • Topics: 2,419
      Posts: 5,403
    • djean111

      1 month ago