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An Oldie But A Goodie –

  • The Crone (3157 posts)
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    An Oldie But A Goodie –

    So a guy and his dog walk into a bar. The guy asks the bar tender: “Listen, my dog speaks English. If I prove that fact to your satisfaction, would you give us some drinks on the house?”

    The bartender shrugs a yes, and so  the man then asks the dog:

    “What is the top part of a house?”

    “Roof” answers the dog.

    “And what is the outer covering of a tree.”

    “Bark” replies the animal.

    “And who was baseball’s greatest player?”

    “Ruth” states the dog enthusiastically.

    The bartender is not buying it. “Take your mangy mutt and get out!”

    As they get back out onto the street, the dog asks his owner, “Do you think it might  have helped if I had answered ‘Dimaggio’ instead of Ruth?”


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  • Marym625 (28368 posts)
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    1. HA! Good one

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    2. giggle. New to me. Like.

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