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When my son was five –

  • The Crone (3157 posts)
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    When my son was five –

    His grandmother taught him how to read a thermometer. The old fashioned mercury kind.

    We had an aquarium, and one hot summer’s day, he came into my study to alert me to the problem:
    “Mom, the thermometer in the fish tank is at 90 degrees. It’s really hot. The fish will die.”

    Before I could even contemplate on how to help him save the fish, he smiled. “But ya know what? I just figured it out. The fan tail guppy can turn on her fan, and that will save them!”

    Later on that day, I never had the heart to tell him how the fish survived. They made it through the heat wave okay cuz I did what my mom had done on such occasions: I put bits of shaved ice in the water until it cooled down.

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  • FanBoy (7983 posts)
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    1. sweet story — did he keep believing it was the guppys fan that saved the day?

  • oldandhappy (4098 posts)
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    2. sweet

    So much love.  He cared for the fish, you cared for him and the fish.  Thanks.

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  • HIP56948 (3297 posts)
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    3. What! You mean that that fan-tail-guppy doesn't really cool the water.?