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Gender Guesser

  • Gryneos (2083 posts)
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    Gender Guesser

    Some search I was doing earlier this evening (to determine if anyone had written about how other authors influence your own writing, even adversely) gave me a hit on a now-defunct page called “Gender Genie.” And as that site is gone, even from the Wayback Machine, the following site came up as a substitute: Gender Guesser

    Well, so far, after inputting excerpts from two different stories, both with strong female leads, the analyzer gave me both “weak male” and “weak female” results. Also that “weak emphasis could indicate European.” I’m guessing they mean either I’m European, or heavily influenced by European writers.

    It’s nice to see I’m pretty good at getting near the middle, where maybe people can’t guess if I’m a man or a woman by writing style, but that European is harder to figure. Maybe living in this country’s most culturally-diverse city has had a positive effect on my writing after all ;)

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  • coolepairc (190 posts)
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    1. It guessed wrong for me

    I wrote a story and submitted it. The result was Weak (/European) Male. Wrong but an interesting exercise. At least it got me to write up 300 words.

  • Babel 17 (3816 posts)
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    2. Lol, I gave it a good try to get "strong male"

    Genre: Informal
    Female = 461
    Male = 581
    Difference = 120; 55.75%
    Verdict: Weak MALE

    Weak emphasis could indicate European.

    Genre: Formal
    Female = 500
    Male = 315
    Difference = -185; 38.65%
    Verdict: FEMALE

    I realize its judging style and not content, but I figured I’d have some fun with it.

    What I post below might be offensive, it’s deliberately written to be a bit off putting.


    My sweaty ball sack has once again caused me to go madly rummaging through the medicine cabinet for some lotion. To be precise, it’s not the sweat, but the itching of my scrotum that is so vexing.

    I’ll be fine when making love for hours on end to a girlfriend, but when I’m wearing coveralls and busting knuckles underneath a truck, it’s a different story. Before long I can feel the sweat pooling, and right behind that, the itching.

    Same thing when I’m off hunting, I’ll be wearing layers of clothes and all I can think about is cutting through with my Bowie knife so I can scratch away.

    Lol, thankfully I never get affected by this condition when I’m drinking in a bar. Though the copious amounts of beer and Scotch I chug down might be part of the reason why I’m blissfully unaware of any pain.

    Keeping the mind occupied, or distracted is another way of ignoring the gnawing at my junk by this voracious bacteria.When I’m pounding away at some concrete with a heavy jackhammer I’m distracted enough by the volume of the hammer’s impact and the vibration traveling through my hands and arms. I can curse away and nobody can hear me, so deafening is the noise.

    But when lunchtime comes back I can barely start chewing a roast beef sandwich before I’m reminded of the monsters waging war around my manhood, having their pagan feast. I’m tempted to take a flamethrower to them, but I’m not foolish enough to consider anything remotely so extreme.

    What about electric shocks, you say? Stun the buggers, and then blast them away with a fire hose? Funny you should ask, and funny indeed is the tale that goes with my doing just that.

    To be continued ….



    • libodem (1032 posts)
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      3. Screamingly hilarious

      My sweaty ball sack ought to replace my aching ass is the English lexicon.

      What’s that great powder? Is it Chasse? ‘Spose to keep ’em dry and smelling fresh.

      YouTube advert I stumbled upon, why I watched, I don’t know?

      Signed yes, I’m a female.