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Good news/Bad news

  • DookDook (267 posts)
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    Good news/Bad news

    First, the good news.  My all time favorite Sci-Fi series is actually going to be completed.  I’ve been waiting for over twenty years for this book and the author is now promising that he has not only finished it but is going to be sending out copies to be reviewed at the end of August.  He claims that he had writers block because he couldn’t figure out how to write in ‘first-person psychotic’ but after he finally figured out how he was able to finish it.  The last book of the series, A Season for Slaughter was published in 1993 and at the end of the book he is interviewed and he talks about how he’ll have the next book, A Method for Madness finsihed real soon.

    Now the bad news, my wife told me the other day that he’s a huge HillBot.  She follows him on Facebook (I don’t facebook) and she’s told me how her feed will be full of him just slobbering all over the keyboard about how awesome Hillary is and how he can’t wait to vote for her.  Ugh.

    The series is The War against the Chtorr and was supposed to be a trilogy and then grew to complex to be finished in three books so he would need to write at least seven books to wrap it all up.  The novels follow the character of Jim McCarthy and his fight against an alien invasion of creatures from the planet Chtorr.  The alien invasion is pretty ingenious as they’re not so much attacking us as just terraforming, or rather Chtorraforming the planet so that they can inhabit it.  The main big bads in the books are giant fuzzy worms.

    Gerrold, the author, has said that the books will also finally be available as e-books as well after the next book comes out.  Again, this is another series that for some reason has never been made available in Kindle format.

    And this ain’t your grandpa’s science fiction.  It’s one of the most brutal/violent merciless sci-fi series I’ve ever read and raises some serious questions about the nature of humanity.


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6 replies
  • retrowire (489 posts)
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    1. the bad news isnt that bad

    This is my first rodeo politically and I’m trying my best to not let politics ruin my relationships with people.

    Trump supporters? Oh I’ll write them off. But anyone else, no matter how misguided, I’ll do my best to accept.

    I fix technological thingamadoodads. Also, Bernie is my spirit animal.
    • DookDook (267 posts)
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      2. I'm too invested in the story to give up now.

      The fourth book ends on a total cliff hanger.  It’s like if you stopped watching Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back at the point that they’re lowering Han Solo into the carbonite chamber and then waited over twenty years to find out what happens.  As long as he wasn’t a Trump supporter, and David Gerrold as an openly gay man I wouldn’t think that he’d be supporting the repubs.

      What’s funny is that when Obama was running against Mitt he made the claim that if Mitt Romney won he wouldn’t write any more books as punishment for letting Mitt Romney get elected.

  • Matariki (2245 posts)
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    3. I've been waiting for book 3 of Name of The Wind….


    I’ve promised myself to *never* again start a series that isn’t already completed.

    Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.
    • retrowire (489 posts)
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      4. ugh thats gotta suck!

      Reminds me how I’ll never play the sequel to Fez… T.T

      I fix technological thingamadoodads. Also, Bernie is my spirit animal.
  • dlegendary1 (1052 posts)
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    5. Maybe the reason he's a hillbot is

    cuz he wants to know how a psychopath operates.

    Just joking. Had to get that out of my system. Or maybe I’m on to something…Anyway…

    A person’s views shouldn’t matter much when it comes to the material that they write. If the story is good and you enjoy it then go for it! I like watching A Fist Full of Dollars, but can’t stand Clint Eastwood’s ideology. Cognitive dissonance is a common theme among readers and writers alike.


    These mofos at the DNC can lick mah balls! I'm not voting or supporting their 3rd way goons.
  • Bernice Ta (412 posts)
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    6. I[m pretty sure I've read all the available ones in that series!

    I’ll have to see if the latest shows up in the library so I can finish it up.

    Also, I’m in an anthology with Gerrold, I believe. I know Kevin J. Anderson has a story in it, and one other big SF writer. My brain is like a rusty bucket. lol

    I can forgive people a lot of things, but I’ll never read Orson Scott Card again. He goes too far. Just voting for Herself isn’t enough to make me not read anyone’s books. It depends on how they treat other people.