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I don't

  • Triana (38 posts)
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    I don't

    I don’t soldier.
    I am killed.
    I don’t Mommy.
    I am incubated.
    I don’t Maid.
    I am the Maid.
    I don’t hate.
    I am hated.
    I don’t slave.
    I am enslaved.
    I don’t torture.
    I am tortured.
    I don’t fight.
    I am fought.
    Stop pressuring me.

    ©2016 SevenBowie

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  • retrowire (489 posts)
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    1. hmmmm nt

    I fix technological thingamadoodads. Also, Bernie is my spirit animal.
  • dlegendary1 (922 posts)
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    2. The oppressed perspective

    Not much for words when being subjected but very concise. Thank you for this.