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I don't

  • Triana (38 posts)
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    I don't

    I don’t soldier.
    I am killed.
    I don’t Mommy.
    I am incubated.
    I don’t Maid.
    I am the Maid.
    I don’t hate.
    I am hated.
    I don’t slave.
    I am enslaved.
    I don’t torture.
    I am tortured.
    I don’t fight.
    I am fought.
    Stop pressuring me.

    ©2016 SevenBowie

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  • retrowire (489 posts)
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    1. hmmmm nt

    I fix technological thingamadoodads. Also, Bernie is my spirit animal.
  • dlegendary1 (1052 posts)
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    2. The oppressed perspective

    Not much for words when being subjected but very concise. Thank you for this.

    These mofos at the DNC can lick mah balls! I'm not voting or supporting their 3rd way goons.