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I need to write dammit!

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    I need to write dammit!

    The Tale of Augustine: That Girl


    “Yo Aug! Can I ask what the hell do you see in that girl”, asked Thomas, my best friend.

    “I don’t know man. I just saw her and I felt like…so many things”, I responded. He gave me that look that he always gives me when I’m not being completely honest with him: one eye nearly closed with the other one wide open with the eyebrow up.

    “For real? You gonna feed me that bull?”

    Its not that I didn’t want to tell him. Its just that I cannot explain it to him. How do I tell my block brother of eleven years that his buddy fell for a thin, black haired, white skinned, Asian descent female that just sat next to him during lunch because she did not want to sit alone? What kind of excuse can I come up with to explain to him that I did not say a word to her because the stream of emotions that burst through my heart covered my mouth shut. My eyes were mesmerized by her slanted beady eyes that lay behind her black rimmed glasses that sat on her pretty face. Her beauty incapacitated my brain, further adding to the awkward silence that laid between us in the fifteen minutes we were near each other.

    “Earth to Aug! You still there homie?”

    I shook my head and then looked him straight in the eye. “I’m sorry man. I spaced out for a bit.”

    “You was gone for a little minute. I ask you about this dame and you get crossed eyed and red like that dude on that Youtube video.”

    “Yeah but dude got knocked the fuck out”, I replied.

    “Look like you girl just hit you with a two piece son”, he remarked with a smile on his face. “And she ain’t even get you name!”

    “Wait…you were there? I thought you had second lunch”, I exclaimed with a crack in my voice.

    “Yeah Mr.Boyd asked me to get him a bottled water from the vending machine and gave me a hall pass. As I’m rolling by I see that girl sit next you and you didn’t say jack to her! What up with dat?”

    I was about to explain the situation to him, but he stopped me before I could drop a syllable.

    “Yeah I know you Aug! You like her a lot. That’s why I took the liberty of finding out who she is thanks to my girl’s work experience gig in the main office.”

    “You lying”, I exclaimed with a big grin on my face.

    “I have never lied to you my brotha! And I ain’t about to do it now! Anyway her name is Shari and she started attending our school today. She lives up north in the Badger Commons so you know her peeps got bread. She has no friends and the dudes in her class don’t think much of her. Matter of fact they think she’s weird. If girl don’t make some acquaintances soon you can believe that them flaka girls gon’ get on her case if you know what’s up.”

    “That’s it”, I questioned him, hoping for more info.

    “Man my girl only works there for an hour. You gon’ have to give me more time if you want me to recon for you some more. Anyway why this girl man? This is a huge drop off from that Christina chick you were seeing.”

    Christina…She was what some would call a dime piece: a girl who was developed in all the right places, a great sense of style, and a heart that cared for me no matter what I did to her. I saw myself getting married to her since she was not only my true love, but I felt like she was my soulmate. We went out for a year until her parents moved to another state. We stayed in contact for about a month chatting on the streaming services, but then she changed her number out of nowhere. I tried emailing her, but I never got a response. I know her parents hated me because I was a guy, but I always mined my manners and treated her like she deserved to be treated. Did she move on? Doesn’t matter now. That was a year ago. I need to focus on the now.

    “You’ve been staring at the ground for a lil bit. You okay Aug”, he asked. “I didn’t mean to bring up old shit.”

    “Its okay”, I shrugged. “Christina is old news. Don’t need to rehash all that drama.”  I paused for two seconds. Then I looked Thomas in the eyes once more. “I think that there’s more to this girl than I’m willing to admit. She ain’t fine, she dresses like she has a nine to five with those button up shirts, and has a bit of a high pitched voice. And I can’t get her off my mind.”

    “Its all good homie”, chuckled Thomas. “Its your love life. I’m just making sure you don’t end up regretting this shit. We still in high school and in our junior year! Let’s see if we can get you laid.”

    “Dawg! I’m not catching a charge while I’m in high school! These teachers and parents don’t play that!”

    “But Christina…”

    “That was different!”

    “Oh…so you did do it!” Thomas began to run towards our block and naturally I followed suit.

    “You better not tell nobody Tom! I ain’t going to prison for your ass!”

    “Only if you catch me homie!”

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