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Reading 'A Full Life' by Jimmy Carter

  • oldandhappy (4322 posts)
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    Reading 'A Full Life' by Jimmy Carter

    Lots and lots of stories of things in which he has been involved.  Did not know how much he had done in China.  Have enjoyed it and hope you will also.  I got it at the library.  The man really did try hard to speak truth and to do the right thing.  Helps me understand why in pictures of living presidents, he is always by himself on one end.

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    Invest in people.  Seek TRUTH.

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  • PennLawyer (2769 posts)
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    1. Putting it on my list – could use an uplifting life story.

    Those other “living presidents” react to Carter’s presence among them like vampires to a combination of sunlight, holy water and crucifixes.