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  • nadin (1219 posts)
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    Tools tools toolls

    As you all might gather, I do a lot of writing and reading every day.

    So here are two pieces of software that I highly recommend if you have an IPAD or \ and MacBook

    They are Ulysses and Scriverner.

    The former I use for shorter pieces. It is a markdown editor. So it helps to know the language, but it saves txt files… Easy peasy, less space needed. For longer projects I am using scrivener. I have the ability to even open two windows, even in the iPad, and it keeps all my research in one place RTF and it will compile your document. Hell, at times I just use scrivener to put documents in that I will use for shorter pieces and just have them open at the same time.

    Now if Kindle made that easier… On the iPad… Grr.

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  • DookDook (267 posts)
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    1. I don't use a mac, but for windows I use a great simple word processor program.

    The word processor program I use is Notepad++.


    It’s a free program and it works wonderfully.  I used to use an Opensource Office program but it was very large and was basically like Microsoft’s office, so it was a lot of programs that I wasn’t really interested in.  Notepad++ on the other hand, is nice and simple and does everything I want it to and is quick and easy to open.  I love the fact that it saves my stuff automatically so that I can just close the program and then when I open it it opens back up to where I was.

    It also lets you have documents open as tabs, so if you’re working on one piece and have something saved that you’re using as reference, it’s easy to switch between them.  I used to keep my story notes in one tab and my story in the next and just switch back and forth as needed.

    • Rocco (648 posts)
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      2. You can get Scrivener for the PC as well.

      Their licensing policies are quite good too.

      Notepad ++ is one of the better text editors. I know a lot of programmers that use it.

      • nadin (1219 posts)
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        3. True, true and it will sync with the new OS version as well

        Follow your bliss, and since some folks are too daft somewhere else, formerly known as NadinBrzezinski.