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Dr. Gabor Maté – Ayahuasca Healing at the Temple of the Way of Light

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      I had not heard of Dr. Maté until going through Aaron Maté’s videos at his political channel, The Grey Zone, and came across an interview he did with his father, Dr. Gabor Maté (a fascinating talk about ‘anti-semitism’.) This video is mostly just Dr. Maté sitting in the jungle in front of the camera and talking about the healing he received and his renewed philosophy on healing, especially as a doctor.

      It’s only twenty minutes long, so worth the time spent to just listen (watching is not really necessary.)

      "Cake or death?"

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      Hi gryneos,

      Thank you for sharing.  Much appreciated.


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      HI @thouartthat

      Glad you liked it. I’ll definitely be looking for more of his talks now, too

      "Cake or death?"

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