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The audio section on Rupert Sheldrake's site

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    Audio Dialogues, Talks and Debates

    Plenty of talks on existence, science, spirituality and parapsychology here. If you don’t want to be tied to the website to listen, you can download files by a right-click on the start-button of each file.

    Rupert Sheldrake is one of my favorite scientists, not just for his ideas and research, but how he ends up showing the bias in science when the skeptics are all too often unwilling to even look at his research.

    Here are the people featured on the page, plus a few more talks listed at the bottom:

    Talks by Rupert
    Mark Vernon
    Marc Andrus
    Trialogues – 60+ far-reaching discussions with close friends Ralph Abraham and Terence McKenna.
    Amie Thomasson
    Dr Andrew Weil
    Alex Tsakiris – Skeptiko
    Matthew Fox
    Charles Eisenstein
    Douglas Rushkoff
    Dean Radin
    Ralph Abraham
    David Abram
    Bruce Lipton

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