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      Certainly don’t support any kind of organized patriarchal religions —

      but does Darwinism the be all?

      Granted, I’m pretty sure we have genes of chimps — and likely pigs as we appear

      to be the pink people — but given all of the “junk DNA” we have and the huge

      jumps in advancement we seem to have taken over time, what about alien links?

      Not saying “advancement” either as improvement — just advancement.

      Here’s a question:  Given that our government is allegedly dedicated to “equality for all” why do we have government funding of organized patriarchal religions?  These are male-dominated, male-supremacist religions which hold females “inferior.”





      If you don't want your house to burn down, don't set the world on fire.

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      I’d like to discuss only one point of your post:  Darwin was the first one who came up with the idea of evolution.  I’ve never read Darwin’s book, but I’ve read many people discussing his concept of evolution, and they all seem to have taken it for granted (at least the ones I’ve read) that evolution shows that the origin of the human species had nothing to do with a Creator or God.

      I think the above opinion is jumping to  conclusions too fast.  Isn’t it possible that God designed it so that life on earth began as  unicellular beings, and then through evolution (DNA, genes, possibly including those from aliens from outer space, changes in environmental conditions, etc.) all the other species came about – including us humans.  Isn’t it also possible that we humans are still continuing to evolve?  Evolution is something that could take a long, long time for even a small change to occur.

      And change need not necessarily be limited to the physical only.  When was the last time that there has not been a war going on somewhere on earth?  When was the last time we had any prolonged period of worldwide peace?  It takes a lot of intelligence to build nuclear devices, but how wise of  us humans would it be,  if we also used these devices to destroy life on our planet?   It would be nice if we were to evolve more in the area of  emotional maturity,  wouldn’t it?





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      I hope this works…I don’t see a reply button.

      I recommend you take the time to watch this series. It’s called Your Inner Fish and it’s very, very good. It will answer your questions much better than I can.

      Let us know. In essence, no creator needed…not even alien.

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