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      There are certain days when what was attributed to Hercules, is usurped, popularized and even commercialized. Let us begin with his father Zeus. This name is changed to deus in Latin and is Dios (God) in Spanish! His mother was an Earthling virgin named Alcmene. His early days are in a cave, the symbolic womb of the Earth. He would have a typical profession of Southern Europe and gained a title of reverence, the Good Shepherd. His strength would be legendary earning him another title: The Prince of Peace. And seeing as Zeus was his father, another title was bestowed: The Son of Man. And while Hercules had many labors, he voluntarily sacrificed himself. After three days of searching Zeus finds the body of his son, carrying him to Mount Olypus. Said journey opens up a spiritual bridge allowing Earth mortals the possibility themselves. Because of that, Hercules was at times called the Soter, the Saviour.

      Some of the above information is based on Lloyd Graham’s Deceptions and Myths of the Bible.

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