Why more people are atheists.

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      The conference of Roman Catholic Bishops gets together and lays out its political agenda, which are obviously more important than spiritual matters. Meanwhile, the people in the congregation find it more and more difficult to reconcile the hypocrisy of a bunch of old men, many of whom have fathered illegitimate children and arranged abortions, telling the faithful that abortion is the litmus test of whether they are good Catholics or evil secular humanists. They allow the abortion question to dominate everything else, while they continue to ignore and deflect the problem of child sexual abuse by priests. I’m just surprised more Catholics don’t quit the church by murdering a priest.

      American bishops disapprove of Biden’s abortion position, and people are somehow surprised (

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      Spud Demon
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      People saw hypocrisy in the RCC long before abortion became an issue, I think.  They adjusted, while keeping their Christian identity, by forming other sects.

      Embracing atheism in a theist society is more than rejecting one organization or even all organized religion.  It’s about having the courage to reject their God, the threat of Hell, and the bullying of the majority.

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      Although my atheism is the result of a decidedly NOT religious NDE experience at 17, my early years precluded any sort of blind faith in anything.  I did/have noticed the utter hypocrisy of many “religious” people, but I regard that as separate from any belief in some sort of god.  Agree with @spuddemon here.  Although my atheism is not so much a rejection as a “nope, moving on”, and bullying does not work on me in any way whatsoever.  Well, okay, I roll my eyes, physically and mentally, but that’s about it.  My feeling is that those who bully about religion are just uncomfortable with knowing someone does not share their beliefs.  Anyway – No One Really Knows.  Faith is not Facts.  But, IMO, etc., someone who becomes an atheist because of how others act was not all that invested in believing in a god in the first place.

      America is not a country, it's just a business. (Brad Pitt, Killing Them Softly)

      Everything I post is just my opinion, and, honestly, I would love to be wrong.

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