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Bill Nye visited a Noah’s Ark he doesn’t believe should exist

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    Bill Nye visited a Noah’s Ark he doesn’t believe should exist

    Bill Nye the Science Guy doesn’t believe that a gargantuan wooden boat filled with pairs of wild animals once floated across a flood that covered the entire earth. So last week, he went to visit the people who do – and the boat they built to prove it.

    Nye was the first high-profile visitor to Ark Encounter, the Noah’s Ark museum that opened Thursday in Williamstown, Ky. The $100 million project was built by Answers in Genesis, a Christian ministry that believes the Bible’s story of Noah is a literal fact. For $40, visitors can step into a 510-foot-long ship filled with exhibits on Noah (the ministry says he lived to be 950 years old), his animals (about 7,000 on board) and the year-long flood (which ended with a rainbow).


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