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Christian non-profit evicts Queens apartment residents to convert building into

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    Christian non-profit evicts Queens apartment residents to convert building into

    A faith-based Queens nonprofit is trying to boot low-income renters into the street in the midst of the holiday season — in the hopes of converting their building into a homeless shelter, residents told the Daily News.

    The New York School of Urban Ministries in Astoria wants tenants out of the 46th St. building as soon as possible and has been using underhanded methods to speed up the process, residents say.

    Pastor Peter DeArruda, the executive vice president of the ministry, sent notices out last month informing tenants they must vacate the building by Dec. 31.

    “I will never understand how a Christian group can dump longstanding and faithful residents in the middle of the winter and during the holidays,” said 39-year-old actress Amy Burgmaier, who has lived at the address on and off for two years.

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    1. Look at the bright side, once they are homeless they can move back in.

    Just kidding, of course.  Obviously, there was more money to be made by leasing it to the city.  Luckily, per the article, the city says it won’t use it.

    Also note, per the article,  the pastor lives pretty well himself.

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      3. +100

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    2. Jesus Christ on a cheese sandwich

    Ridiculous. Just mean

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    4. “They’ll know we are Christians by our love…”

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    5. Nice custom suit that preacher has, the asshole