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For those of us who actively talk to theists.

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    For those of us who actively talk to theists.

    I have recently come across an interesting topic called Street Epistemology. (Epistemology is the study of knowledge)
    Street Epistemology claims that it may be a better way of confronting people with unjustified views including religious
    views. I found a website called streetepistemology.com and it goes over this topic rather well. It says that it may be
    better to focus on how people come to those beliefs and trying to show them that these things are not reliable ways of
    arriving at the truth. It also pointed me in the direction of a book called ‘A Manual for Creating Atheists’ which I
    will probably end up getting. They say that it is all about making people realize a little doubt. Sounds like an
    interesting approach. Through the website I also found a lot of youtube videos by Anthony Magnabosco who practices
    this method. Not sure if I would do this without other methods but it is certainly worth being informed about.


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