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LOL….I love this!!

  • Haikugal (6816 posts)
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    LOL….I love this!!

    Thousands of Norwegians log off from God thanks to one-click Web form


    The national religion of Norway—the Evangelical Lutheran Church—lost a staggering 15,000 of its flock in just four days, after a one-click-away function was added to its website allowing members to unsubscribe from the religion.

    Data housekeeping seemingly backfired when a recently launched Web page prompted 10,854 people to walk away in the space of 24 hours. Within days, a further 5,000 members had left the church, according to the Local. It’s not all bad news, though. Despite the hefty exodus, the church’s website notes that 549 people used the online form to join its ranks.




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  • Trouble (3021 posts)
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    1. LOL good one

    Wish I could DELETE my religious in-laws.

    Do your own damned research and be sure to include extraordinary proof so others don't need to think.      
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    2. For some enterprising web person, a site that allows you to quit the ….

    …Democratic party would be just the ticket!