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Oklahoma State Question 790:

  • Haikugal (5328 posts)
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    Oklahoma State Question 790:

    Voters say public money can’t be used for religious purposes

    Oklahoma voters rejected a state question that would have removed the restriction on using public money for religious purposes Tuesday when they voted down State Question 790.
    It would not have superseded the establishment clause in the U.S. Constitution.
    Advertisements touting the measure said it would do things such as protect prayer at football games, display the Ten Commandments, and continue faith-based partnerships.
    The question came about after that the section of the constitution that it sought to remove was used as grounds to remove a statue of the Ten Commandments from the capital. <snip>


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  • Billy (1979 posts)
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    I voted against 790. I’m glad it was defeated. The bastards would’ve been putting up their damn monument again. Then want everyone to help with their legal fees.