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POLL – Should this group remain public or go private?

  • Deadpool (12372 posts)
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    POLL – Should this group remain public or go private?

    Without going into details, i’m considering making this group private again. I’d like input from the members here, should we go private?

    Yea or Nay?

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  • GivingItToYouStraight (791 posts)
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    1. Please remind me what the difference is.

    • Deadpool (12372 posts)
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      2. …

      Public mode:
      Anyone can read threads, see newly created threads in latest … still have to join in order to post

      Private mode:
      List of threads is hidden from public view, newly created threads don’t appear in Latest forum, Group Admin(s) need to approve membership in order to join

  • KauaiK (3529 posts)
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    3. My first question is why?

    Is there an issue was trolls or peeps trying to “convert”?

    If one is already a member or JPR and the group, will they be barred?

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    • Mom Cat (15002 posts)
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      6. I would also like some clue as to why?

      Going private feels to me too much like going back in the closet. I believe you have your reasons for the suggestion and would love to hear them. I personally think our ideas would have greater reach if we are out in the open, but I would like to hear your reasoning.

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  • Haikugal (6816 posts)
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    4. I'll be fine with either.

    In my experience atheist/humanist/non-religious folk are not overly sensitive and quite capable and eagerly engage in discussion. However, trolling can be disruptive and can get personal and I’ve seen it become a vendetta that was used elsewhere on the forum against people.

    I don’t think such behavior would be permitted on JPR so I’m not sure making the group private is needed.


  • Doremus Jessup (3134 posts)
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    5. public. We're not pushing our beliefs on others. Nay!

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  • Mad to the Marrow (615 posts)
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    7. Stay Public

  • Paulie (203 posts)
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    8. Public

    if it’s private I likely won’t see anything as I live by the latest topics and latest replies links being on mobile 90+ percent of the time.


  • relgire (27 posts)
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    9. keep it public

  • eridani (2963 posts)
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    10. Public n/t

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  • MRM1024 (234 posts)
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    11. Public is fine with me

    Recently someone from outside the group replied to the post Why is gawd responsible. I replied a couple of times and I am not sure if the conversation will be continued or not but it did not bother me. I think public is fine.


  • immoderate (274 posts)
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    12. Public


    • mr blur (33 posts)
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      13. Well we have nothing to hide,

      but I have, elsewhere, got thoroughly sick of believers and faitheists telling me/us why we are wrong, why (for example) Professor Dawkins is just a sexist bastard (he isn’t of course) and why atheists are responsible for the most genocide. If it starts to happen here, I just don’t have the patience to tolerate these people. In my experience they don’t want to discuss anything, being the most frightened, unaware, deluded people around. But of course I’ll go with majority on this.

      Reality is not a democracy
      • Haikugal (6816 posts)
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        14. These are the things we'll be on watch for Mr Blur…I have no tolerance for

        such bullshit and I’ve seen it myself at the same place, on Goat Island.

      • MRM1024 (234 posts)
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        15. I certainly understand your feelings about this.

        Here are my thoughts on the matter. It is usually obvious who we are dealing with. If it is not something that you like to see you don’t have to involve yourself with it though. I like to look at these things a little differently. I think those times when we are confronted are an opportunity to set things straight. To make them see our point of view and even to let them see the reasons for our actions. Many of them do not listen, but it is still something that can be seen by others, and if we learn to deal with these people and not let them bother us, it just makes us stronger.


  • Idaho progressive (192 posts)
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    16. Pulbic

    I think the talent here can handle any assholes that show up.

  • Deadpool (12372 posts)
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    17. Thanks for all the responses.

    This group will remain public. This thread will now be closed.

    That's All Folks