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What Was Adam’s IQ?

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    What Was Adam’s IQ?

    Adam’s IQ was 1500! How do I know? I read it in a pamphlet I found at the Institute for Creation Science. Why does Adam’s IQ concern creationists? Because Adam named all of the animals.

    Leave aside the interesting question of how the duckbilled platypus got from Brisbane to Baghdad and back without leaving any traces of its journey. Let us not ask when the plants got their names. Let us not worry about insects. Let us accept the creationists’ view that Adam did not have to name all 30 million scientifically defined species but only the 30,000 Biblical kinds of animals. Even this number is too large. Few of us count 30,000 words in our vocabularies, and I doubt that many of us could name 300 animals. There are only 900 different types of animals in the San Diego Zoo!

    According to the creationist pamphlet, Adam was able to name all of the animals because before The Fall he was able to use all of his brain. Evidently, we are to believe, Adam’s brain was similar to that of a present day genius with an IQ of 150. As everyone knows, we only use 10% of our brains. Since Adam used all of his brain, his IQ must have been1500. Q.E.D.


    The sheer idiocy and wilful ignorance of fools like Ken Ham never fails to impress me.

    Presumably Adam was so smart that he gave all the Latin names to things long before the language ever existed.

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    1. I knew Adam. Adam: If you're reading this, you still owe me that 20 bucks!

    …and return my lawnmower.

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    2. What about navels?

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    3. I have to say one thing about only using 10% of our brains.

    This is false. Brain scans only show areas of the brain that are being used a lot. They do not show all the areas of the brain that are really being used. In fact, we use all our brains all of the time. You think the area of the brain that can control our heart can stop sometimes? There are many functions of the body that are continuous. Another thing to mention is that just because a neuron is not firing does not mean it is idle. It has to be working to know when to fire. It is just outdated information really. :)