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Youth Pastor Rapes, Church Expects Girl to Apologize

  • Deadpool (8729 posts)
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    Youth Pastor Rapes, Church Expects Girl to Apologize

    By Dean Lawrence

    …The girl said she came to church looking for spiritual guidance and that she looked up to Brian Mitchell, whom she saw as a mentor. He started texting her more frequently and talking about more personal things. Then he sexually abused her at least twice…

    …After Mitchell was arrested and convicted for repeatedly raping the girl, leaders at the Columbia Road Baptist Church—where Mitchell and the teen were members—forbade the family of the teen victim from attending services again until the unnamed girl apologized to Mitchell’s wife.

    Read complete article: http://www.atheistrepublic.com/news/youth-pastor-rapes-church-expects-girl-apologize

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  • Cassiopeia (1982 posts)
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    1. If I were her father I would go apologize

    I would apologize so thoroughly and emotionally over and over again.  It would take the rest of the congregation and a team of horses to get me to stop apologizing.

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    • Deadpool (8729 posts)
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      2. I'd tell the pastor and church elders to stick the apology up their asses…

      Then leave the church.

    • HIP56948 (2318 posts)
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      4. Cassiopeia, I've sized up the situation and believe you're going to need some..

      …help with this apologizing. I figure when you get tired, I’ll take over for awhile.

  • azurnoir (2003 posts)
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    3. she should apologize it could be worded something like this:

    I’m sorry you married a pedophile

    I’m sorry you  either did not recognize or chose to ignore  these tendencies

    I’m sorry you can not place blame on the guilty person

    I’m sorry you do not understand what rape is

    I’m sorry your church’s brand of  ‘Christian morals’ requires that the victim apologize to an enabler

    I’m sure there’s more but you get the idea

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  • spud demon (884 posts)
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    • awoke in 2003 (410 posts)
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      7. Even when I was a believer…

      youth pastors always creeped me out.

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  • B Calm (810 posts)
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    6. Christian religions believe your sins will be forgiven. That's why they sin

    so much.

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