Coalition government looking likely in Canada

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    I don’t know as much about the Canadian political system as I should, so I welcome input and lectures from our Canadian members. David Doel showed a poll today showing the NDP tied with the Conservatives at 24% each, and the Liberals at 26, but I can’t find it anywhere else. This CBC calculator shows that the Liberals will probably be forced to form a coalition government with Singh and the NDP, with the latter polling around 18% compared to about 31% each for the two older parties.

    Does this look right to you all? What do you think of this Singh character? All I know is that he seems like a genuine social democrat who is actually addressing Canada’s affordable housing problem and that I like him.

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    Hey @ohiobarbarian I haven’t heard of the NDP polling that high, although it would be amazing it true. Jagmeet Singh was a provincial MPP prior, and many thought he had the talent to become a national star.  He had a really slow start though, after being elected party leader, he had no seat in parliament for probably over a year. At some points, many in the NDP wanted him removed because of this and also the perception (likely true), that Quebecois won’t vote for a guy wearing a turban. However once the campaign started, and he began getting some coverage his popularity has taken off.  He comes across as a likeable, thoughtful, well spoken and genuine person, unlike Trudeau and Sheer.

    If the Conservative win a minority, the NDP likely won’t back them (but the Bloc very well could). If the Liberals win a minority, then the NDP (or the Bloc), probably will back them. Sometimes this is done for ideological reasons, other times its done simply because the parties are too broke to bring down the government and start over again with a new election.

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