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Crash of ‘The Mechanic’: Oil Sands Flogger Bruce Carson Found Guilty

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    Crash of ‘The Mechanic’: Oil Sands Flogger Bruce Carson Found Guilty

    Harper insider convicted on three counts of illegal lobbying.

    Bruce Carson, a senior advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper from 2006 to 2009, has been convicted on three different counts of illegal lobbying.

    Carson broke the law while pushing Harper’s fossil fuels friendly agenda from two perches. One was an oil lobby group, and the other was a federally funded think tank at the University of Calgary billed as a clean energy research centre before Carson helped bend it to oil sands advocacy.

    Under Canada’s weak and little used Lobbying Act, it is illegal for public office holders to communicate or influence other public office holders for at least five years after they have left office. The act also requires anyone being paid to influence decision-makers to register their activities.

    …snip… Harper didn’t care how dirty this guy was

    The convictions add to Carson’s record of lawbreaking. Before becoming a top advisor to former prime minister Harper and then taking on his paying roles at University of Calgary and EPIC, Carson was twice found guilty of defrauding clients and disbarred as a lawyer.

    …snip… yes, this is the guy who tried to sell water to impoverished FN for his little girlfriend

    Carson’s oil sands and energy lobbying all came to an abrupt end in the spring of 2011 when Aboriginal Peoples Television Network reported on the 65-year-old’s attempts to secure water filtration contracts among First Nations to help a 22-year-old girlfriend and former sex worker.



    My beef with the story is that the author, Nikiforuk insists upon using the term “oil sands” instead of “tar sands”.


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