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CUPE to sue Ontario government over Hydro One sale

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    CUPE to sue Ontario government over Hydro One sale

    Canada’s largest union takes legal route to oppose ‘broadly unpopular’ sell-off

    …snip CUPE claims the Liberals inappropriately mixed government and party business by holding fundraisers with cabinet ministers for up $10,000 a plate, including one attended by bankers who allegedly profited from the sale of Hydro One shares.

    The union says it’s using the lawsuit to argue that shares of the electrical transmission utility should remain in public hands and that the sell-off, which began last year, is opposed by most Ontarians.

    “It seems remarkable to me that a provincial government would act in a way that is so broadly unpopular,” said CUPE Ontario president Fred Hahn at a morning news conference at Queen’s Park.

    The Liberals plan to sell up to 60 per cent of the huge utility, which also serves as a local electricity distribution company for 1.3 million homes, mainly in remote and rural parts of Ontario.

    …snip”This is one piece of a much larger chorus of opposition that this government needs to pay attention to,” said Hahn. “We have firm belief that we can stop them.”


    I hope to god they pull this off, for the sake of all Ontarians. I can’t believe we’ve tolerated 20 years of Liberal corruption.

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  • alcina (311 posts)
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    1. If the conservatives had tried this….

    Oh wait. They did! And they were at least “smart” enough to want to keep 51%. They were even smarter to drop the idea. And as usual, the Liberals tried to pick up their ball; but I guess McGuinty didn’t have the fortitude to persist, and decided instead to play saviour and oppose privatization when the Conservatives resurrected the idea. And now back in Bizarro world, the Libs are selling us out and the Cons are trying to play hero.

    Hmm. Almost seems choreographed….

    • arikara (882 posts)
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      2. Sure is choreographed

      Once they retire they still all hang out together, go to work for the same corporations and just keep on figuring out ways to keep screwing us.