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In September, Did the Liberals Out-Harper the Conservatives?

  • arikara (882 posts)
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    In September, Did the Liberals Out-Harper the Conservatives?

    On climate, foreign workers, and unions, Trudeau government moves this month have rankled progressives.

    The key players in Stephen Harper’s government would have been high-fiving after the month Justin Trudeau’s is finishing up.

    In September, the Liberal government took a hard line stance with a public union, held steady to the Conservatives’ greenhouse gas targets, approved a liquefied natural gas plant and pipeline assailed by environmentalists and Indigenous groups, and some say signalled it may extend, rather than curtail, powers to spy on citizens granted by the Harper government’s controversial Bill C-51.

    For good measure, Trudeau’s Liberals also suggested making it easier for businesses to bring more temporary foreign workers to Canada, taking a position even Harper had backed away from after abuses of the federal program hit the headlines. The Conservatives tightened restrictions on who can hire foreign workers under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Earlier this month, a Liberal-dominated Parliamentary committee released a report recommending easier access to the program for businesses.

    Trudeau rode to victory in October by running to the left of the NDP on many issues. In New York this month, he painted his government, and Canada, as progressive beacons to the world, particularly in welcoming refugees. But at home, the Trudeau government’s actions have left many progressive Canadians feeling frustrated and misled.



    Canada’s Obama, my new name for Trudeau is “Pretty Boy Harper”. LNG plant and Site C approvals in one month, what’s the little prick going to do in 4 years?

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  • alcina (371 posts)
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    1. Yes.

    Am I  surprised? No.

  • alcina (371 posts)
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    2. Pretty Boy Harper

    Nice! I may have to start using that. :-)