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"Justin Trudeau Is Not Your Friend"

  • alcina (291 posts)
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    "Justin Trudeau Is Not Your Friend"

    Everybody loves Justin Trudeau. But his policies are bad for workers, the environment, and struggling people everywhere.


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  • Shlabotnik (538 posts)
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    1. Excellent read

    Though nothing new to me in it. He’s a hip con-man, and like the article says; he’s everything wrong with future of centre left politics.  Media savvy, optics and identity politics is all he’s got. The Liberals finally found their own Barack Obama at just the right time. Lester Pearson had more character in a toenail clipping than this guy could ever aspire to have in a million years.

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  • arikara (871 posts)
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    2. Good article

    He’s pissing me off. His approvals for Site C and ramming through pipelines absolutely goes against what he said about First Nation consultation and respect for the environment, and they are deal breakers.