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Liberal agenda laid bare

  • Shlabotnik (588 posts)
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    Liberal agenda laid bare


    Liberal trade liberalization

    During negotiations over the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and European nations, Chrystia Freeland stormed out, fighting back tears, when the Belgian province of Wallonia blocked consensus. The Walloons had the nerve to demand protection for their trade union organization, defence of their social services and provision against privatization.

    In other words the Liberal Trade Minister was outraged that Wallonia would not give up the very things you would like to think your government would be fighting to protect.

    In the end a watered-down CETA was ratified, one that allowed jurisdictions like Wallonia to dismiss legal actions brought against it by corporations. But the deal let Freeland save face, and Canada to move on to try and finalize the even more unpopular TPP.


    Environment for sale

    Did you know that “environment” is just another word for “economy”? So said Liberal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna at the recent Canadian Climate Forum in Ottawa.


    And under the heading Get used to it, a quote from Finance Minister Bill Morneau:

    “We also need to think about, ‘How do we train and retrain people as they move from job to job to job.”

    More, in proper context at: http://www.socialist.ca/node/3214


    A quick read, but a tidy summation of what Canadians were duped into voting for. ‘Change’; my ass.

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  • Pangolino (301 posts)
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    1. Yeah, I felt a little embarrassed calling him Canada's Obama

    because it feels like we always arrive late to the disaster party, all kegged up when the rest of the world is heaving regretfully over the toilet. I know that that’s not REALLY what’s going on, but damn it, it hurts how much he really does seem like Obama. I think the federal NDP blew it spectacularly with their slow New Labour arc.

    "What do you want, the destruction of the world just so you can get the satisfaction of seeing Trump flying away in a helicopter?" - Glen Ford, Left Forum 2017