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Liberal ambiguity on electoral reform can't continue for much longer

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    Liberal ambiguity on electoral reform can't continue for much longer


    Justin Trudeau said “we will make every vote count” in the next election — 2015 will be the last first past the post election. No referendum required. “We will make every vote count.” See the video if you don’t believe me. And he said it in front of all 337 Liberal candidates who received the message with what looks like true joy. So no one can say they didn’t hear that promise as some Liberal MPs do their own skating.

    You’d never know those words were uttered because there’s been a silent consensus among the elites –a conspiracy of sorts — in the Liberal and Conservative parties as well the celebrity plutocracy and corporate media (most shamefully), to pretend those words were never uttered. Because if they weren’t spoken, then there’s no need to talk about it. The fact is that only about half of us routinely elect someone we voted for to go to Ottawa on our behalf. The other half don’t count. Isn’t that the very problem Trudeau promised to fix? Tossing half the votes away is wrong. It is undemocratic. It is unfair. Democracy and government are supposed to be about the voters and all the people more generally, not about the political parties, leaders and candidates.


    Occam’s razor may lead us to certain assumptions about the nature of zebras and their stripes but we don’t know because the Liberals have been so tight-lipped while they dance around in a fog of ambiguity. It’s easy to suspect the obvious but hope is better than fear. Trudeau promised to do politics differently. And on one level, proof of his commitment to “make every vote count” boils down to whether or not the PM now supports proportional representation. If he does and wants it to succeed, he will lead his party into the 21st century. Yes, he might piss off a lot of insiders and MPs by doing so but so what? What are they going to do? Fire him? He was their salvation (watch the video again) and he remains their greatest strength. It is a legacy issue for him.

    And if he won’t support PR, the sooner we know, the better. Whose side is Justin on? Is he for the rights of all voters or the mutual interests of the Liberal and Conservative parties’ backrooms? We know the Conservative Party won’t support PR. Like the Liberals, first past the post is their birthright. Their path to power. That’s why the CPC demands a rigged referendum to defend it. There are some democratic conservatives but not all conservatives are democrats. No different than the Liberals and even the NDP.

    The rest in proper context at: http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/gary-shaul/2016/11/liberal-ambiguity-on-electoral-reform-cant-continue-much-longer

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