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Liberals make a mockery of MPs and Canadians who worked for electoral reform

  • Shlabotnik (593 posts)
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    Liberals make a mockery of MPs and Canadians who worked for electoral reform

    The special committee of MPs tasked with studying electoral reform in Canada released its report today, on schedule. It recommended that Canada prepares to move toward a proportional representation system, ultimately decided by a referendum.

    Monsef spent the weekend undermining her colleagues’ work on the electoral reform committee, stating that there would be no movement on electoral reform until enough Canadians want it. Perhaps we should hold a general election with electoral reform as a major policy plank and then see who gets elected on the back of that promise.

    The Liberals, who designed and chaired the committee, disagreed with the conclusion of their colleagues and then Maryam Monsef, the minister of democratic institutions, lied about it.

    First, Monsef said in Question Period that the committee hadn’t reached a consensus. It had. Then she said she had directed the committee to develop an alternative voting system. She hadn’t. Then she chastised her colleagues for not making a recommendation for a new system, when in fact, that’s exactly what they’ve done.

    The rest at: http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/michael-stewart/2016/12/liberals-monsef-make-mockery-mps-and-canadians-who-worked-ele


    Quelle Surprise!!! Yet another broken election promise. But C’mon did anyone think that a party would dismantle the very system that handed it absolute power? It is far more advantageous for both Libs and Cons to lay low for an election cycle or two, lose their stench, and then play ‘winner take all’.

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  • arikara (882 posts)
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    1. Well considering how Justin is continuing Harper's legacy

    and in some cases actually out-Harpering Harper, his broken promise here comes as no surprise.

  • alcina (375 posts)
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    2. Came across this recently

    Though I’m not at all surprised….

    • laundry queen (24 posts)
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      3. OMG

      I truly LOL’ed at that, but it’s so sad. Oh, how easily some were fooled.