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Man arrested for stealing over $1M for Kash breakfast program

  • alcina (291 posts)
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    Man arrested for stealing over $1M for Kash breakfast program

    Former Kashechewan First Nation co-manager Giuseppe Crupi has been charged with fraudulently obtaining $1.2 million from the federal government for the community’s breakfast program and stealing nearly $700,000 of that money for his own personal use.

    To quote Pam Palmeter: Another example of a modern day Indian agent literally taking food from the mouths of our children.



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  • arikara (871 posts)
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    1. When I read the title I thought it was a Robin Hood story

    stealing from the rich to give to the poor but then the rest comes out, that most of the money went into his own pocket. One nice thing for him is that he now meets the requirements to become a federal lobbyist and advisor, like Harper’s “mechanic” Bruce Carson.